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The one stop shop for all your cool VW bus upgrades

Busmanparts, located in Belgium, is a division of www.busman.be , well known in the scene since 2004 for assistance in the purchase of classic cars anywhere in Europe an shipping them worldwide. Busman is specialized in the VW T3 syncro.

Years ago there used to be a site called "syncro source". It was a site where you could find links to companies who sold cool upgrade parts for the T3 worldwide. That site no longer exists unfortunately.

The idea for Busmanparts was based on "the syncro source". With Busmanparts we want to offer you a one stop shop for all the cool upgrades, not only for yout T3 but also for the T4, the LT 1 and the LT 2.

Here's the beautifull old logo from "syncro source", the website that inspired us to build the Busmanparts webshop  :