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T3 dashboard tweeter mounts REF 0043

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Drop in replacement for the vents at each end of the dash top. Allows you to maintain airflow to the windscreen and the side windows but also fit a tweeter speaker of your choosing to improve the audio performance. 

This is a generic, cut-your-own, vent replacement. There is a 2mm thick top surface with scored marks for 1, 1.25, 1.5 and 1.75 inch tweeters  A small central hole also makes using a hole saw more accurate. The void underneath the top surface is 44.5mm (1.75in) in diamater and  25mm (1in) deep. This is the maximum size speaker that can easily be fitted. The width of the top face is 50mm, if using a speaker with a bezel, anything larger will overlap the sides.

Due to the depth of the pocket some air is obstructed from the side window defrost, this will increase the time for side windows to clear of moisture, but you can always open the window instead or aim the front facing vents to the side.